Spinach, Sweet Potato, Pine Nut and Roasted Garlic Sausage Sauté

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sweet potato (sliced - the thinner the quicker they cook)
fresh spinach (baby spinach is great - add to suit, it wilts so add more than you would expect)
olive oil
pine nuts (add whatever amount appeals to you)


  1. This recipe is super easy and quick. Use however much of each item you need depending on how many you are feeding, there is no "set" amount of potato, spinach or pine nuts. Do what you feel.

  2. Heat oil using medium heat

  3. Add sliced sweet potato

  4. Once sweet potato has cooked to become soft, add in the sliced Aidells Roasted Garlic Sausage

  5. Allow sausage to heat, then toss in some pine nuts

  6. Then add in handfuls of fresh spinach - spinach will wilt down as it heats, so prepare to add more. You only want the spinach to wilt down a bit.

  7. Serve as main dish with or over rice or noodles, or eat it by itself.