Born to be Different

In 1983, Chef Bruce Aidells couldn't find the flavors he wanted in a sausage. So, he made his own. Inspired by a traditional French sausage made with pheasant and apple, he created his original chicken & apple recipe by hand in his own kitchen. Then he took it out into the world, selling his hand-made sausages door-to-door to restaurants in the famous Gourmet Ghetto district of Berkeley, California.

Chef Bruce continued using his creativity and imagination in coming up with even more unexpected combinations — all made in small batches and with only the finest, all-natural ingredients. They were such a hit, he eventually started selling them directly to folks at local farmer's markets and grocers.

Embracing the Unexpected

Today, we're continuing Bruce's legacy of creating some of the most unexpected flavor combinations in all our delicious sausages. Combinations like Pineapple & Bacon, Habanero & Green Chile, Spinach & Feta, and Artichoke & Garlic.

We've also added a few other items to the mix — our meatballs, mini sausages, breakfast links,and burgers bring our surprising flavors to you indifferent ways. And they're all still made in small batches with real, all-natural ingredients.