Spicy Sausage Chimichangas

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2 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
15 ounces can chopped tomatoes
4 12-inch flour tortillas
2 cups vegetable oil
grated Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and salsa (for garnish)


  1. In a large sauté pan, heat the olive oil. Add the sausage and onions and sauté 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes and cook until most of the liquid has evaporated, about 8 minutes. The mixture should be moist, but not soupy. Season to taste with salt and pepper and cool to room temperature.

  2. Lay the tortillas out on a clean work surface. Divide the sausage mixture among the tortillas placing the filling toward the bottom of each tortilla. Roll up each tortilla, tucking in the ends after the first turn to make a cylinder.

  3. Add the oil to a large sauté pan with high sides. Heat the oil to 375°. Add the chimichangas one or two at a time and fry until golden brown on all sides, about 3 minutes per side. Drain on paper towels. Serve garnished with cheese, sour cream, and salsa.