Sausage, Pepper & Potato Casserole

A nice salad with Italian dressing goes well. Very nice looking dish, colorful, if NOT over-cooked. This cooks in one pan and is delicious, even as left-overs, if there are any.

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3 packages ALL NATURAL* SPICY MANGO SMOKED CHICKEN SAUSAGE WITH JALAPEÑO (cut links into 2-2 1/2" pieces)
8 baking potatoes (cut into wedges, lengthwise, after washing, leave skins on if desired)
5 tablespoons crushed garlic/divided (use as option to taste)
3 red bell peppers (sliced in strips)
3 green bell peppers (sliced in strips)
3 yellow bell peppers (sliced in strips)
1 package dinner rolls, NOT cooked (prepare to package directions)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In roasting pan, spray with non-stick cooking spray. Place potatoes evenly in pan. Use about 1 1/2 T. crushed garlic, and toss the potatoes with the garlic. Put the pieces of sausage on top of the potatoes, sprinkle more garlic on top of sausage. Then mix the peppers together to combine colors and put on top of the sausage/garlic layer. Then top with the rest of the garlic.

  2. Cover the pan and bake for 50 minutes. Make sure sausage is cooked to proper temp. before adding rolls, by tasting a piece of the sausage.

  3. Prepare raw rolls to be placed on top of contents in pan. Place the rolls on top, do not cover and return the pan to the oven and bake until rolls are done, according to brand package you used.

  4. When ready, serve the rolls on the side and the "casserole" will have juice in the bottom which you can spoon on top of the mixture on your plate, use rolls to sop up the juice! YUMMMM!!!!! This should be layered...potatoes, garlic, sausage, garlic, pepper, garlic, rolls.

  5. Sometimes, I mix flavors of Aidells sausages, and it is a "surprise" which flavor you get with each bite!!!!