The Complete Meat Book

With more than 230 recipes, this book is an all-inclusive guide to cooking today's cuts of meat. Bruce and Denis give you strait forward answers to sort through the vast array of cuts you see at the market and choosing the best cuts of meat for every cooking method. They dispel the myths about cooking meat that we've held on to for years and offer up hundreds of tips in a frank and humorous way. By: Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly

Bruce Aidells Complete Book of Pork

In this informative volume, Bruce tackles all subjects relating to pork – selecting, preparing and cooking and offers delicious recipes for hors d’oeuvres, breakfast dishes, braises, grilled dishes and of course, sausage. Written in an easy going and approachable style, this cookbook provides valuable advice for the novice cook and new information for well experienced gourmands.

Bruce Aidells Complete Sausage Book

The perfect book for the sausage aficionado. It contains a comprehensive guide to making delicious sausages with poultry, fish, game, pork and beef as well as recipes using sausage. Whether you're seeking a recipe for Cajun Andouille or looking for a delicious recipe using Chorizo, Bruce offers over 150 recipes covering making and cooking with your favorite sausage. By: Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly

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