Before Chef Bruce Aidells came along, sausage was something you ate with eggs in the morning or picked up from the butcher for a special cookout.

But in 1983 when Bruce started making artisan chicken sausage, everything changed. His sausage immediately became an everyday must-have for busy home cooks. And the reason was simple: Bruce’s passion was to make the very best chicken sausage—ever.

After the tasty success of his first sausage—Chicken Apple, still an Aidells bestseller—Bruce outgrew his home kitchen. But he never outgrew his commitment to crafting sausage by hand using the most exceptional ingredients he could find: sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mangoes and tender, juicy chunks of humanely raised poultry.

Aidells has grown over the years, but we still believe in doing things the way Bruce did: with extraordinary care and passion.